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Our Mission

Fern Hill School is a student-centered school in Milton, PA that honors the centrality of play in learning, fosters a relationship with nature and allows each child to wander in wonder.  Fern Hill is committed to each child reaching their emotional, social and academic potential.  Qualified faculty connect deeply to cultivate a community of engaged scholars and families.


Our Core Values


Every member of our community  acknowledges individual human rights and promotes the dignity of each person.


Each person in our community of learners strives to make the right choices, even when it is not easy to do so.


We dedicate ourselves to showing personal responsibility for our own behaviors, and towards our environment.


We believe it is critical to live with intention and to base all of our decisions and actions on sound ethical principles.


All members of our community are dedicated to understanding and helping one another in facing common challenges.


Each community member realizes that every being and every thing is interconnected and interdependent

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