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Our Teaching Approach

Fern Hill School takes a whole-child approach to learning. Children need to develop academically, socially, and emotionally. At FHS, we are equally committed to all aspects of children’s development and growth: individual expression, spiritual development, higher-order thinking skills, community membership and academic growth. Attention to the whole child ensures children develop an intrinsic love of learning while meeting the Standards Aligned System established by the Pennsylvania Department of Education.

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A Typical Day at Fern Hill School

Our days begin at our classroom space in the recently-renovated 19th century carriage house on the Milton Public Library campus. In the morning, students receive intentional instruction in reading, math and writing. Students work in small, collaborative groups to extend their individualized instruction. For example, with their teacher, younger learners may read a book with short vowel sounds focal to the lesson objective. Students then move to thoughtfully-designed centers with manipulatives and natural materials available, to build letters and words reinforcing the concepts introduced in direct instruction.

The free will of all students is respected and honored in our approach to how the physical classroom space is designed and used. Students enjoy flexible seating or standing arrangements in class and, as long as a student is engaged with learning, their physical geography within the classroom is of little importance.


We use the natural environment’s invitation to learn in our indoor space, which contains many natural elements taken from the outdoors.  We further take advantage of the outdoor learning spaces that surround our school building, as it is located within the beautiful and idyllic setting on the grounds of the library at Rose Hill.

After lunch, we spend our afternoons continuing our learning in the wild settings offered by the Milton State Park*. Our time at the Milton State Park gives students an unparalleled opportunity to realize our commitment to nature in learning. While at the park, students are free to explore within nature, work on projects, engage in creative play, learn to manage risk, and build resilience.  


If you have any more specific questions about what a typical day looks like at Fern Hill School, please reach out to our director.  We are eager to talk with you further about the dynamic educational opportunities your child will have at Fern Hill School!

*Teacher Jenn has long held the adage that there is no bad weather, only bad clothing! However, sometimes weather is hazardous. In cases of extreme cold, storms, etc., we stay put in our indoor space.

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