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Choosing an educational path can be difficult.  Fern Hill School is a great place to explore a unique learning experience as compared to other schools.

Fern Hill offers a hybrid approach to learning that shares a joint focus on both in-classroom learning together with dedicated time outdoors each day learning in nature. Our focus is both academically rigorous and creatively imaginative, with a heavy emphasis on social emotional learning, exploration and discovery. Admission to the school is open to students from all backgrounds, and we strive to maintain a diverse student population which helps to promote an enriching experience for the entire learning community.


How to Apply

Fern Hill's application process ensures that both student and family, along with the school, are equally well suited for each other.

Once we have received the application, we will contact you to schedule an Enrollment Visit which provides an opportunity to ask and answer questions about the school and the potential  student(s).

Additionally, students entering grades K-5 are required to participate in a student Trial Day. Participation in the Enrollment Visit, and Trial Day if applicable, will help determine the best admissions course for your child.

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$ 2,700

Preschool, 2-day

$ 4,050

Preschool, 3-day

$ 6,750                               $ 7,250

Preschool, 5-day    Kindergarten

$ 7,500

Grades 1 & 2

$ 7,750

Grades 3, 4 & 5